Management and Reporting Advice

  • Identify & analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) in your business
  • Forecast future projections of budgets and cash flows
  • Actual performance measured against projected performance
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Quarterly management reporting and meetings
  • Financial Health Checks

Unless you have an accurate picture of where you are NOW, navigating the future will be difficult at best and disastrous at worst.

Accurate reports which deliver meaningful information are critical to your successful decision-making process.

A key focus of our management reporting advice is to analyse your business using proven formulas to identify the NOW as well as where you are likely to be at a future date given your current business strategy – the good and the bad.

While our sights are firmly set on assisting you to achieve ‘the good’, we consider this ‘warts ‘n all’ process which identifies ‘the bad’ as an opportunity to respond and address potentially negative issues.

Core’s typical business client is active, growing and innovative. They are passionate in what they do.

We love this about our clients, many of whom are visionaries in their fields. However, this is where our partnering role allows us to appreciate that passion & excitement but maintain our role of working ‘ON’ rather than ‘IN’ the midst of what can be an emotion-charged environment.

Our clients understand that we are entrepreneurial enough to be able to help them convert vision to reality, but realistic enough to remain firmly grounded in the process of setting goals and achieving goals.

We’ll remain realistic, focused on profitable outcomes, within do-able time frames and using an appropriate structure capable of holding up under the strain of a new venture. We use our wealth of skills & experience to identify if a clients’ vision is commercially viable, and are not afraid to be honest in saying so, we tell it how we see it.

Our partners and team members each have an average of 20 years experience working with small and medium sized businesses – the sort of knowledge valued by business visionaries.

More Information

Core Business Accountants represent a new generation accounting firm. The skill set is wider and the advice extends to cover the broader issues of business
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