About Us

CORE (kaw[r]), n, the central, inner most or most essential part of anything.

That says it all - Core Business Accountants are about getting to the heart of things, cutting to the chase, knowing your business so well that multi-dimensional strategies deliver broader, positive and more profitable impacts.

We are well-credentialed in accounting and commerce, but we've not allowed ourselves to be pigeon-holed as accountants. We are advisors with an intense interest in your business affairs, packaging complex issues in easily digested bite size chunks.

As a team, we offer depth and breadth. We have experience, knowledge and tenure.

As people, we're professionally proactive, commercially realistic and practical.

We're involved but never so close as to lose objectivity. We maintain understanding and clarity. We're arms-length but never detached. We care about people - those whose lives drive or depend on the business operation. We connect business lives with real life.

Our involvement is active.

Our clients are willing and as focused as we are. They strive for better cashflow, growth, profit, excellence...

They understand that achievement is about partnering and finding the right 'fit' with those who make valuable contributions.

Ours is a partnering model - we become part of your team, treating your business as our own.

We are your Business Advisors covering business valuations, sales and acquisition; due diligence, asset protection and business coaching.

We are your Business Analysts checking your key performance indicators; weighing projected against actual, offering meaningful annual and more regular reporting for informed decision making.

We are your Taxation Consultants planning and managing your taxation commitments, while taking care of the reporting - preparing annual income tax returns and business activity statements; addressing issues of capital gains tax, asset protection; retirement tax planning among other taxation functions.

We are your Superannuation Strategists structuring self-managed super funds and offering sound and appropriate advice for trustees, advice for maximising tax free income while managing all the financial reporting.

Because we are neither finance nor investments advisors we want to work together with your Financial Planner and other advisors to achieve the best outcome possible.

Core Business Accountants- central to your success.

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I’ve been a client of Ashley’s since 1998 and during that time we’ve developed a very strong professional relationship that has developed from basic accounting into complex matters and often involves my phoning Ashley simply to bounce around ideas
Dale Duguid, SMI Photon